Our Team

Alison Wood - Registered Manager and founder of Newgrange In Cheshunt

Alison aided the setup of Old Grange up in 1984 and helped in the establishment of Newgrange in 2002. Alison is passionately driven to create an environment for older people who would be the best and enable them to live their lives as best as possible normally.

She has the total responsibility as a registered manager to run the Home as well as manage the care team so that they can give their very best at all times.

Lynda has worked at Newgrange and its predecessor for 20 years. Lynda is the key Duty Manager in respect of care, and she ensures an agenda that is full and active.

She praises as well as encourages an atmosphere that is homely and facilitates staff and residents relationship, which brings about closeness and hence creates a relaxed environment where everyone is happy. Lynda also looks after the staff rotas.

The Directors of Shervey Limited are David Henson (Left) and Nick Meyer (Right), The Best Care Homes Group. The Deputy Operations Director is Alex Macfarlane (Centre).

After so many high profile roles and having between them 60 years in service-oriented roles, Nick and David and between them 60 years in service-oriented roles Nick and David started in the care sector in 2007 with Three Corners as the first Home. They are both so passionate for the achievement of excellence in all things they do.

They have a real passion for achieving excellence in everything they do and have substantially invested in a state of the art care environment in each of the 5 Care Homes.

Alex’s background is in psychology and education. These skills will enable her to enrich the homes so that they are even more nurturing with caring environments that are happy.

She aims to assist the further development of the staff so they can adequately focus on client-centred care and best meet the interests of each resident.