Dementia Services

Sadly, dementia is increasing in prevalence among adults. At Newgrange Cheshunt, this is understood, and care is provided for elderly who are acute sufferers of this particular condition. Those who develop this condition at home are also included.

To ensure personalised support and care services and ensure patients have a near-normal life, we individually access all our residents at Newgrange. Training on the mental health of elders and dementia which gives adequate knowledge about how to manage the additional needs as a result of dementia are provided.

In addition to that, the utmost care has been undertaken by our care staff. Facilities for Specialists and services are also offered to help dementia patients to be more independent and live with this particular condition as much as they can.

  • There is high contrast in the electrical fittings, which include some other light switches that can be supplied to help patients locate essential items. These items include light switches, bathrooms, and so on.
  • Enhanced lighting is fixed strategically in common areas and bathrooms to help the overall vision.
  • Bright and light decorations are used to aid vision and enhance levels of light. Also, strongly colored feature doors of the bathroom and walls are used for definition.
  • Bright and plain patterned materials are used for the soft furnishing to avoid possible confusion.
  • Bright and colored tableware can be found by those who might have a poor color definition
  • Garden access to sensory areas sighted in our homes is well provided
  • Our staff and managers are well equipped with accredited dementia training.