Activities & Entertainment

The importance of being active in mind, as well as bodies, is paramount. We have this strong belief that the welfare of people is indeed vital to the provision of activities as well as entertainment, which should be stimulating. Newgrange Cheshunt care staff regularly arrange lots of activities in which the coordinators dedicate time to spend with individual residents. These activities are done at platforms where they get to understand what interests them. Also, what they are capable of doing. The program for activities is developed to encompass all residents and make them participate in almost all activities. Entertainers come into place when the activities take place. Also, hairdressing, baking, the arrangement of flowers, massages, exercises occur three times in a week, and personal event that is structured to meet the interests of the resident. We also possess two rooms that are quite. They can be used for quiet time, family meetings, and clinical consultations. Examples of these entertainment and activities include:
  1. Recollection sessions
  2. Collectables
  3. Puzzles
  4. Massive Scrabble games
  5. Visiting professional musicians like singers, accordion players and organists.
  6. Children's choirs during the period of Christmas
  7. Miniature dramas
  8. Exercise programs that are seat-based
  9. Therapy of Animals like falconry and dogs
  10. Chicks during Easter
  11. Firework exhibitions
  12. Periodic fairs

New grange has concluded setting up of an art Cinema Room state which comprises of a 144-inch screen, blackout blinds, and high-quality sound in the surroundings. We will be providing great entertainment and regular film showings for the families of our residents and the residents themselves. Significant televised occasions will be displayed.