Our Philosophy

The staff at Newgrange of Cheshunt Care Home are skilled and experienced in providing the highest standard of care. This can be seen in the delivery and conduct of quality care currently given to residents living at Newgrange.

Our workers are constantly trained to ensure that the high standards of Newgrange Care Home are preserved in compliance with ongoing care practice initiatives set out in appropriate regulations and standards in accordance with UK legislation.

We take into account each individual's needs so they benefit fully from the care given and are treated with the respect and attention each person deserves while allowing residents their own space. The environment of the residents is convenient, comfortable and safe. Residents can also enjoy a full exercise schedule that promotes social contact and mental alertness with other residents.

Our Core Values of Care are designed to meet the following objectives:

Through our highest quality of service, we strive to provide an enhanced overall quality of life. We are attentive and non-discriminatory in the provision of our care services, giving the residents the right to independence, dignity and support to make informed choices.

The values and needs of each resident are respected. This includes ethnicity parental status, race or disability, marital status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, culture, and religion.

We deliver a comprehensive system of care which is in line with the terms and conditions agreed when moving home. Be mindful of the home's concerns, suggestions and feedback policies for all resident families.